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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
My name is David Hall and I am a filmmaker from Northampton, UK.
I started making videos 16 years ago, making skateboarding videos of my friends. I went on to study Advertising & Media at University and eventually joined a production company where I spent 6 years travelling the world shooting videos for hundreds of clients, from global names like BMW to coconut processors in Sri Lanka.  During my time at the production company I honed my skills as an editor and camera operator, eventually moving into being a Director of Photography, Director and Producer of many large scale projects.
I have since worked as a freelancer, managing my own clients as well as offering my services to other agencies and production companies. I have been lucky enough to direct several large commercials shown globally on TV as well as in stadiums around the world.
I have my Permission for Commercial Operations from the Civil Aviation Authority to fly drones legally in the UK, allowing me to offer unique angles for your videos without the fear of the video being flagged. 
I still have a passion for every video I do, whether its a manufacturing company where I get to see first-hand how something is made or a promo for a kite-surfing company out in the indian ocean, I love the ability to tell someone else's story using a camera. 
Please get in touch, I would love to have a chat about how we can best use video to tell your story in an effective way. 
- David Hall
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